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        Leica EM AFS2
        Freeze Substitution has never been easier…
        Freeze Substitution (FS) of specimens in methanol, acetone or any other FS media at low temperatures is THE follow-on procedure to high pressure freezing and other cryo fixation methods.
        Progressive Lowering of Temperature (PLT) allows to substitute and resin infiltrate chemically fixed specimens.
        Finally, the sample is polymerised under UV light in the EM AFS2 and can be cut and immuno
        The Leica EM AFS2 provides all the features for …
        Perfect results:
        ? Reproducible
        ? Excellent specimen visibility with
           – Internal LED illumination
           – Stereomicroscope (optional)
        ? -140 °C to +70°C working range
        ? “Deep Freeze” allows sample transfer at temperatures below -140 °C
        ? Transfer function “TF” excludes humidity and oxygen
        ? Fast UV polymerisation with LED UV lamp
        ? Any choice of substitution system, eg
           – Substitution-Capsule and Flat Embedding System
           – New Microtube Embedding System EM AFS2
           – Sapphire Disc FS System
        ? Trolley for mobility
        Ease of use
        ? Intuitive programming
           – 10 users
           – 99 programs each
           – 99 program steps each, 0 to 99 hrs 59 mins
           – graphic display of substitution protocol
           – menu prompts
        ? Mouse controlled color screen
        ? Memory stick to transfer programs
        ? Log file download on memory stick
        Safety and convenience
        ? Operator safety due to fume exhaust system
        ? 35 l Dewar
        ? LN2 filling from outside specimen chamber
        ? LN2 consumption enough for 5 day protocols
        ? Stainless steel working platform